WAFF 48's To Catch a Predator Moves to Franklin County

WAFF 48's To Catch a Predator Moves to Franklin County

WAFF 48's To Catch a Predator made its way into Franklin County.

The sheriff's office has 34 convicted sex offenders they're responsible for.

Add one to that list who rarely complies.

He's given faulty addresses and never checks in with any law enforcement agency that oversees the cities he moves to.

He might be living in Mississippi but authorities say he has family in Franklin County, so it's going to be your tips that help locate him.

Thirty-four-year-old Robert Anthony Schmickel was convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl in 1995.

After serving time he moved to Mississippi.

But it was in May of 2005, he wound up back behind bars.

Franklin County learned he was once again in their jurisdiction.

Schmickel had been living in Red Bay at 511 Highway 19, now the mobile home he once lived at is no longer there, but deputies nabbed him, one for failing to register as a sex offender and secondly for living too close to a school.

Schmickel was convicted of this Class C felony, got a suspended sentence pending good behavior, and after his release, he was transferred to Red Bay to face misdemeanor charges.

Part of his sentencing required him to go in and register with Franklin County, but he didn't.

When he left Red Bay, he gave police a phony Mississippi address, and October of 2005 was the last time any authorities heard from him.

Franklin County clerk Jennifer Puckett, whose job is to make sure sex offenders register, says, "He's trying to be non compliant for a reason and we really need the public's help to try and find him."

Puckett says he could be in or around Red Bay, AL., Tremont, MS., Golden, MS., or Hattiesburg, MS.

Investigators say Schmickel usually has some sort of facial hair.

If you have any information that can lead authorities to him, please call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at (256) 332-8820.

Your information will remain confidential. As always, you can log onto www.waff.com for a complete list of offenders still wanted.