June 5 Election Results

Alabama's voters gave their approval to two new Constitutional amendments Tuesday.

Amendment One gives the Governor the power to borrow more money for economic development. It passed by a margin of 80 percent to 20 percent.

Amendment Two passed by an even greater margin, it received 84 percent of votes cast. The measure creates two new trust funds to save money for health insurance costs of retired state workers.

As expected, voter turnout at the election was very light. Statewide, only about 240,000 people voted.

Amendment 1-- capital improvement 2,890 of 2,891 precincts -99 percent
yes,  188,929 - 80 percent no,  48,395 - 20 percent

Amendment 2-- health care costs 2,882 of 2,891 precincts - 99 percent
yes,  200,418 - 84 percent no,  38,755 - 16 percent

Governor Bob Riley issued the following statement after election results showed Amendment One was approved by voters: "This is a great victory for Alabama.  The people made the right choice and I thank them.  Their vote will bring more jobs to our state.  It will sustain our economic growth, which makes it possible to put more money into education.  It will keep Alabama in competition for thousands of more jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity.  The future has never looked brighter for Alabama."

U.S. Representative Bud Cramer made the following statement upon today's successful passage of Amendment One. "This is a victory for continued economic growth in Alabama.  North Alabama has been aggressive with industry recruitment and the vote today will allow us to keep working to bring quality jobs to our area."