Silos still burning in Guntersville

Silos still burning in Guntersville

By: Rachel Hardman
WAFF 48 News Reporter

It's taken a lot longer than anyone thought, but the silo fires are nearly out at a Marshall County granary.

On April 20th, roads closed and people evacuated in a large scale emergency situation in Guntersville.

This was the result of a top blowing off a silo at Consolidated Blenders.

It was discovered fire and carbon monoxide were inside some of bins containing alfalfa pellets.

The problem was putting them out without another explosion.

A specialized contractor had to be brought in.

"We ended up with a lot bigger project than we started, that's for sure," Mike Olson, president of Consolidated Blenders, said.

At first, it was thought there were just 3 problem silos.

But the reason the days-long project turned into a nearly two-months long project...that number grew to 8.

"At this point the fires are pretty well out. We've got one more tank that we think we have a fire in. And we're planning on taking the roof off on that one Friday morning," Olson said.

Although people have long since returned home and the roads have re-opened, company president Mike Olson admits danger to the public still exists, but is very low.

He says the last fire should be out in a week.

Once that's complete, as a precaution, 3 more silos will be cleaned out so another fire doesn't crop up.

It's an ordeal that's cost the company millions, and could cost more.

Believing much of this could've been avoided, city and county officials are looking to get reimbursed.

Just how much money that will be is unknown. Officials are still totaling it up.