Woman uses detergent bottle to fight off attacker

Woman uses detergent bottle to fight off attacker

One Valley woman used an unusual tool in self defense against a purse snatcher.

The incident happened at a laundry mat near Highway 231 in Arab.

The victim spoke exclusively with WAFF 48 Investigator Eric Sollman.

The Coin Laundry in Arab is open 24 hours a day. That makes it convenient for customers, but unfortunately, it also makes it convenient for crooks.

Pressed for time, the victim was just trying to get in and out Saturday at 12:30 a.m.

"I've come up here at 2:30 in morning and nothing's ever happened," she said.

The victim wanted to keep her identity hidden, but she told us how her attacker approached her.

The victim was carrying her clothes and was almost to the passenger seat of her car when the man grabbed her purse and ripped the strap from it.

Thinking quickly, she grabbed her laundry detergent and struck the man in the face.

"I just knew that my money was in my purse, and I just did the first thing I did to react."

"[The bottle] is the shape of his head now," she said.

Her purse was torn up, too.  "It broke, but I was still holding on to it while I was hitting him."

The victim says the man hit her in the face before running into the woods, but didn't get away with any money.

"I just want women to know that you may think that you can go out and do what you want to do, but you need to watch your back," she said.

The victim says her attacker was about 6 feet tall, was wearing a cut-off shirt and had gray or white hair.

If you have any information call the Arab Police Department at 256-586-8707.