Lee High's prom--a time of reflection and moving forward

Lee High's prom--a time of reflection and moving forward

The prom is typically the highlight of your high school years, a rite of passage. For some Lee High School students, it was also a time to reflect on a tragic school year. And remember the friends they lost in the Lee High School bus crash.

This prom holds special meaning, a time for students to show strength after enduring tragic times. For high schoolers, prom is more than a dance, it's a night to make memories. Decorations, limos and the red carpet treatment. Lee High School's prom though, for many students, is bittersweet.

"I was close to all of them, but Tanesha  Hill was my best best friend," said Sade Flemings, a Lee High School senior.

Tanesha Hill, Nicole Ford, Christine Collier and Crystal McCrary, four young lives lost too soon in a bus crash, before they too could shine in this spotlight.

"That's the only reason we came, because we know they would want us to come," said student Lekedria Harris.

Instead, their classmates, their friends, cherish the memories they leave behind. Lee High School dedicates the 2007 prom to them.

"It's like all this stuff was built up on them. But I have a senior homeroom and they were telling me they feel really positive about the end of the year and they're looking forward to moving on in their lives," said art teacher Megan Chandler.

Moving on, but never forgetting. A plaque, a candle, a somber reminder of the tragedy students struggle to overcome.

"She'd want us to keep moving and make our life better," Andre Parrish, a senior.

This prom, this night, one step closer to closure. Students say the last year has brought them closer together as a class and has taught them how to truly appreciate each other.