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Beltline traffic update

Hundreds of drivers will be crowding traffic court this month.

Decatur Police are handing out tickets to anyone caught speeding near construction on Beltline Road.

More than 200 tickets have been issued for speeding and other traffic violations since work began on the Beltline.

The most written in one day? 30. That was during just one officer's shift.

Beltline speeding is tonight's WAFF 48 Investigators follow up report.

Officers are using radar guns to catch drivers who don't cut their speed back to the posted 30 miles per hour.

Lieutenant Chris Mathews says speeding is too dangerous because of so many people out working.

"We want to keep workers safe. We want to keep motorists safe," says Matthews.

Workers are digging up medians in the northernmost portion of the zone.

There's a 4-foot deep trench at the edge of the roadway, causing a major hazard for drivers.

The project is expected to last 18 months.

Police say they plan to patrol the area as long as it takes.

"We know its an inconvience but we need to look at the end goal. A safer roadway and a larger roadway," says Matthews.

The cost to the speeder ranges from $150 to $190 depending on the speed.

The fine alone is doubled for speeding in the areas when workers are present.

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