Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

The law requires that business owners and homeowners take precautions to protect you from injury due to dangerous conditions and hazards on their property. Common examples of injuries resulting from a business owner's negligence include: faulty displays and placement of products on shelves, floors covered with mop water or other slippery substances, improperly inspected and maintained electronic doors closing on the elderly, handicapped and small children, as well as defective sidewalks, walkways, stairways, entry/exit areas not in compliance with government and regulatory building codes. Homeowners' negligence may occur when a guest is bitten by the owner's dog or a fall results due to rotten flooring, broken steps or railings.

In most instances, the owner of the property has insurance coverage to pay for any injuries that occur on their property, but only if the owner has liability for the dangerous condition that leads to the injury. It is important to remember that immediately after an accident at a business or home, the insurance company is gathering evidence to prove the premises owner not responsible. If you or a loved one suffers an accident while shopping, riding an escalator at the mall, or visiting someone's home, contact our attorneys for a free consultation at 256-319-4878, or 1-866-637-4878.