The Heart of the Valley

It's been said that need knows no season, and that has never been more evident than the last couple of months here in the Valley.

Your overwhelming support and spirit is helping those in need get through some impossibly tough circumstances.

Over 80 thousand dollars has been raised and every penny will be distributed to the Lee High School Students involved in the bus crash on I-565.

You can donate through the end of the year at Redstone Federal Credit Union.

We will make sure that all of it goes to the victims.

Just a week later, you reached out again to help the hungry through the Heart of the Valley Can-a-thon.

You donated over half a million cans of food.

WAFF is proud to help facilitate and organize these initiatives.

But please know that we are merely a clearinghouse for your generosity.

Hope in Hard times. That's the Heart of the Valley.

Not just during the Christmas season but every season we have neighbors in need.