The other side of the I-565 bus tragedy

The other side of the I-565 bus tragedy

Forty one people on bus 5037 and we've heard their countless stories.

But, 24 days after the worst school bus tragedy in recent history and the other side of the story has not been heard.

What happened in that orange Celica?

How is the driver doing?

The family is just in a state of shock, according to the family attorney.

With support from friends and family, they're forging through a situation no one wanted to any part of.

The 17 year old driver's attorney, Jake Watson, tells his story.

"He's just a top-notch kid.  He's an all-American kind of kid.  He's worked hard in school, good student, athlete.  He's got goals other kids have.  He wants to go to college."

College is a dream, following the nightmare he has gone through the last month.

"When he woke up that day, he had no idea that something like this would happen.  It's just changed his life," says Watson.

It was a life changing experience as his orange Celica somehow slammed into the bus, setting tragedy in motion.

"He was just driving down the road just like a normal day and the car just took a mind of it's own, just a freak accident," says Watson.

Now the investigation centers around his orange Celica.

Did it experience mechanical failure or was it something else?

Investigators will collect evidence, then present findings to a grand jury to decide.

"I think that anytime someone is being looked at a criminal suspect, they are entitled representation and he just wants advice and council."

Council through troubled times for an attempt at normalcy.

"He's just going to school and trying to be a student and we're really just letting the investigation take it's course.  I don't think he's done anything criminal."

Watson adds that the reports of death threats against his client are blown out of proportion.

He says the Celica driver has had nothing but positive experiences with the families of those bus riders.