Witness statements from I-565 crash uncovered

Witness statements from I-565 crash uncovered

The WAFF 48 Investigators have uncovered witness statements from the I-565 bus crash.

Tuesday night WAFF 48 shared with you the driver's statement from that tragic crash.

WAFF 48 investigators now reveal documents that witnesses to the accident back up his account of what went wrong that fateful day.

After weeks of investigation, authorities have yet to determine the actual cause of the November 20th, I-565 bus crash.

A crash that was witnessed by at least 4 people and WAFF 48 has their handwritten statements.

One of those witnesses, a Lee High School student, was driving to the technical school just like the driver of this Celica the day of the accident.

He says, "After the bus hit the wall and flipped over it, the bus driver was laying in the road."

A second witness claims here to have treated the bus driver, saying, "The bus driver said that he knew he was on the parkway and that all he could remember was that 'something hit him hard'."

Then there's another driver who just happened to see the crash.

He says, "I looked back in my rearview mirror when I saw a bright red or orange car try to  get around the bus in an area that was not meant for two cars or passing.   The bus swerved  to miss the car and the car sped up to get around the bus and passed.   The bus looked like it was off balance and swerving, then the bus hit the wall and went over the wall."

Finally the passenger riding in the Celica responsible for the crash.

The student says, "We were driving behind the bus, we got into the right lane and then the car started swerving, then the back tire popped and we swerved into the bus.   We hit the wall and they jumped it."

Then, in a second statement that same student goes into more detail describing how the driver of the Celica reacted minutes after the crash saying, "He started crying and said why did it happen to us?  Why?  I didn't try to do this, why.  I told him, I don't know, I really don't know.   The cops came and I told them we didn't have the music up loud, we weren't even talking and this happened."

Another statement that will play an even bigger role is that of the bus driver's account of what happened.