WAFF 48 uncovered documents in the I-565 bus crash

WAFF 48 uncovered documents in the I-565 bus crash

The WAFF 48 Investigators have uncovered documents that were under lock and key since a Huntsville school bus plunged off an I-565 overpass and fell nearly 30 feet to the street below.

Six separate police reports, five different witness accounts, and one driver, said to have had a "mechanical problem" when his 1990 Celica hit the bus taking Lee High School students to the technical school on Drake Avenue, November 20.

The 17 year old driver gave this statement to police shortly after the accident.

"My friend asked me if I was driving to tech.  I said yes.  He asked to come with me.  We left. We stopped at a light to get on the highway beside the bus, but it lead to one lane so I got behind it.  There was another car in front of me behind the bus too, but it passed it.  I got on the right lane, it led to North Parkway.  Somewhere around that time I heard a pop but I didn't know what it was.  I swerved a little when I got into the right lane before that.  I was right beside the bus.  When I was trying to slow down to get into the left lane, my car started to go out of control.  I tried to keep it straight but it wouldn't.  It looked like the bus was trying to slow down.  As it slowed down, my car ran into the front side of it and it ran off to the side as I hit the left wall.  After that it slowed down and hit the right wall and then it made a stop there.  I got out trying to call 9-1-1, also to check if everyone was alright.  When I was with the paramedics I saw something wrong with my tires. So I'm thinking my tire blew out."

We are not releasing the teenage driver's name.

His parents are even taking precautions to protect him after receiving death threats.

Wednesday night on WAFF 48 News, we'll show you witness statements.

Do they back up the driver or tell a different story?