NTSB back in town investigating I-565 bus crash

NTSB back in town investigating I-565 bus crash

Three weeks after the I-565 bus tragedy and the NTSB is back in town.

Investigators spent the morning back on the overpass, the scene of the first collision between car and bus, ultimately sending bus 5037 toward a fatal fall.

Investigators returned to the scene, with Toyota engineers examining the Celica.

Under I-565, three weeks and one day after the deadly crash of school bus 5037, a memorial grows.

Teddy bears, rain-faded thoughts, even the face of an angel, still though, you won't find any answers about this tragedy down there.

As promised atop the interstate three weeks one day later, a large group of investigators return.

Huntsville police, the NTSB, and engineers from Toyota were searching for clues to complete the puzzle.

From down below the discussion centers around the other car, the orange 1990 model Toyota Celica GT that collided with the bus.

Through e-mail, NTSB lead investigator Gary Van Etten explains "the work you saw on the highway this morning was this group of people re-examining the scene and allowing the Toyota engineers to have a context in which to evaluate."

Early on, police indicated mechanical problems with the Celica sparked the accident.

Now, back on scene, experts cross examine original accounts, while crosses, a Christmas ornament, and four new angels carry on without concrete answers.

Investigators are also re-examining the Toyota Celica.

It is being housed in a city garage to protect evidence.

Sources say experts stripped it piece by piece, examining every single part of the car.