Last Lee student released from hospital, celebrates birthday

Last Lee student released from hospital, celebrates birthday

The last surviving student, injured in the Lee High School bus crash, has returned home.

The heart-warming homecoming for Felicia Collier is also her 18th birthday.

Banners, balloons, and a big surprise surround the Collier home.

"It was a thrill, I was happy to see her, I've known her since she was a little girl," says Felicia's neighbor Myra McAllister.

Still a teenager, Felicia wants what every teenager craves, junk food.

"Pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers, french fries," Felicia reels off what she wants to eat.

For now her pizza's going to have to be puree'd.

Felicia hasn't been able to eat anything solid since the bus crash.

Her family helping her to progressively understand.

"Slowly, since we have her home it's much better," says Laura Collier, Felicia's mother.

Home, where a mixture of happy birthday, welcome home and get well soon balloons, a birthday cake, family and friends gather to greet this amazing young woman who's still weary about what she's been through.

"She doesn't really know, she doesn't remember any of it," says Gary Collier, Felicia's father.

Gashes to her face and head, as well as a broken jaw wired shut, Felicia has just started to speak and walk, but her parents are more than thrilled to have her home for this celebration of life.

"Now she's home, and she's here with us, and we can rest better," Laura Collier adds.

Felicia Collier will still face more surgery in her road to recovery.

She isn't sure when she'll to be able to go back to high school to finish her senior year.

After high school she wants to attend Virginia College in Huntsville to pursue her dream of becoming a cosmetologist.