First responders recount the I-565 bus crash

First responders recount the I-565 bus crash

It's been two weeks since a bus carrying more than three dozen children careened off a Huntsville overpass.

It is fresh on the minds of many.

We've heard the stories of those who perished.

We've heard the stories of victims who miraculously survived.

But yet have the stories been told of those who arrived first on the scene.

Huntsville's First Responders experienced some of the most horrific views of that crash.

"It was just shocking, I was not prepared for that," says Captain Garnet Albright.

Captains Garnet Albright and Steve Britton arrived within minutes after the accident.

"Its very surreal, the emergency worker in you kicks in and you almost go on auto pilot, you do what needs to be done and you see a need and you take care of that need."

For these men and women, who are Huntsville's First Responders, it was a task like no other.

"This is by far the worst thing we've had to deal with." "You start thinking about ok what situation are they in, what am I going to need to get them out of there, what kind of tools am I going to need."

With emergency responders flowing in, the task became more of a miracle.

"We all managed to work very well together and we had all the children extracted and loaded in the buses within 30 min,which is pretty amazing."

"As a mother on that scene, it was very difficult, when you just had a moment to look around and think about their parents and what their parents were going to be thinking...that was the hardest part for me." says Captain Albright, the events of that day haunting her forever.