Omaha, Nebraska crash very similar to I-565 crash

Omaha, Nebraska crash very similar to I-565 crash

Following the NTSB news conference last night WAFF 48 had the opportunity to pull the investigator aside for a lengthy conversation, and he detailed for us how last week's bus crash was eerily similar to another school bus crash investigated by this very same NTSB team 4 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska.

WAFF 48 Investigators have been researching that crash to find out where the similarities lie.

The school bus accident in Omaha killed 4 people and involved a bus plunging over the side of a bridge.

In the Omaha case it took the NTSB 2 years to release their final report on the accident and it largely blamed the state of Nebraska.

This was the scene in October 2001 in Seward, Nebraska.

A school bus flipped off the side of a bridge.

The bus was returning band members from a band competition.

Three band members and a parent died.

"The bus started shaking and everything and everybody started screaming and I just started hanging on for dear life.  All of a sudden the shaking just stopped and then it just a big boom like we hit the side and I just remember people were telling me to get out and I got out and I was standing in knee deep water, muddy water, and I looked out and the bus was completely wedged across the water, " a victim says.

The NTSB report in this crash said the state's traffic barrier system which had been set up for a construction zone in that area failed to re-direct the bus.

The bus driver in the Omaha crash did survive the crash, but didn't remember anything about it.

That could end up being the same case here.