New information in the I-565 bus crash

New information in the I-565 bus crash

There is new information Tuesday night about the school bus involved in last week's deadly I-565 school bus crash.

The WAFF 48 Investigators uncovered a report today that shows this isn't the first time the school bus and bus driver have been involved in an accident.

WAFF 48 Investigator Nick Kenney obtained the VIN numbers from the police accident report and ran car fax reports on both vehicles.

The report shows the school bus was manufactured and registered in 2005.

Laidlaw has owned the bus for a year and 2 months and in January of this year, Carfax shows the bus was involved in an accident in Marion County.

A police report obtained by WAFF 48 Investigators indicate that the wreck happened in Madison County on Pulaski Pike.

This accident involved a rear impact with another vehicle.

Minor to moderate  damage was reported.  Moderate damage means the accident damage affects the operation of the vehicle and/or its parts.

The police report also shows the same bus driver, Anthony Tyronne Scott, was driving that bus-with students on board when it was rear ended by a Johnson High School student.

That accident was not Scott's fault.

Scott was stopped at a red light when he was rear-ended.

Now we turn to the Toyota Celica GT driven by the Lee High School student.  It's more than 16 years old.

The car was delivered to a dealership in 1990.  The Celica has had 4 previous owners.  The report shows in 1999, the car had 146,122 miles on it.  There is no mileage listed from 1999 to 2006 and no maintenance record.  The report doesn't show any accidents involving this vehicle.

WAFF 48 called the Madison County License Department and they told us that it is not required to record the mileage on vehicles 10 years old or older when they are sold.

The NTSB will be factoring this information into their investigation.

The cause of the bus accident that claimed the lives of four Lee High School students is still up in the air.

Investigators left this morning, still digging from afar.

We're still digging too and we have a copy of the accident report.

Police investigators are still trying to figure out how fast both the bus and orange Toyota Celica were traveling.

They're particularly interested in the rate of fall and the debris field around that point of impact.

Looking for specifics, the WAFF 48 investigators decided to ride the route.

Click the link above the picture to see reports from Liz Hurley and Nick Kenny.