NTSB update on I-565 bus accident

NTSB update on I-565 bus accident

An official from the National Transportation Safety Board said last night that a malfunction in the steering system of a car involved in the devastating school bus crash may have contributed to the accident.

Gary Van Etten, the investigator in charge for the NTSB, said the 1990 Toyota Celica that hit the bus taking Lee high school students to technical school classes may have had "a mechanical problem."

Police also say that the 17-year-old driver of the car, also a Lee High student, has received death threats.

The teen's name is not being released while the investigation is under way, but his parents have "taken precautions" to protect him.

Four students were killed when the school bus plunged off an I-565 overpass and fell nearly 30-feet to the street below.

Two students, and the bus driver, Anthony Scott, remain hospitalized.

Van Etten said Scott was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash and was ejected from the bus before it went over the edge of the overpass.