Lee High student remains critical; parents talk to WAFF 48

One Lee High School student remains in critical condition at Huntsville Hospital following the I-565 school bus tragedy.

Her name is Felicia Collier.

Her parents don't know where their only child was sitting on the bus when it went over the concrete barrier.

They just know that somehow during the accident and in all the confusion, Felicia's ID was found on her dead cousin, Christine.

Gary and Laura Collier don't ever wish that day on any parent

They tell WAFF 48 News that while things looked grim in those initial days, Felicia is in ICU and improving tremendously.

She has a broken jaw as well as head and facial gashes, a snapped collarbone, and a collapsed lung.

But they say she's a fighter and she's going to make it.

"She can't talk right now, but she can move her lips and you can understand what she's saying," says Felicia's mother.

"Has she told you anything about the accident?" asks WAFF 48 News Anchor Liz Hurley.

"No ma'am," says Felicia's mother.

She adds that she doesn't know whether Felicia knows about the accident.

The Colliers say Felicia had her chest tube removed Monday afternoon and is now sitting up and sipping fluids thru a straw.

They want to thank everyone who is praying for them. They say the prayers are working.