Funeral held for fourth student killed in bus crash

Funeral held for fourth student killed in bus crash

One week after the I-565 school bus tragedy, the fourth teen-ager killed in the crash was buried.

Under an autumn sun outside Lakeside United Methodist Church, sorrow prevailed Monday.

From behind a black hearse, a blue casket was wheeled into the sanctuary. Inside, 17-year-old Crystalle McCrary, on her way to rest in peace.

Traffic tied up Meridian Street as mourners poured past red brick, filtering through towering double doors, still clutching teddy bears handed out at Lee High School.

"She was really sweet...she was nice," recalls one classmate.

Several classmates were on hand to pay their respects.

Some of them are still nursing visible physical injuries. Others are suffering through an emotionally painful seven days that included four funerals.

"An arduous task. It, um, an emotional roller coaster."

"It's been quite draining, quite painful."

That pain won't soon subside.

Unanswered questions still surround the bus accident investigation, leaving the hundreds shuffling into funerals with still one question: Why?

Just like the other three young women who died in the bus accident, Crystalle McCrary was honored as a five-star general, a title bestowed upon all who graduate from Lee High School.