Bus crash survivor gives many thanks

Bus crash survivor gives many thanks

Giving thanks during the most difficult of times, 41 Valley families forge on through a bitter holiday season.

This is a strange holiday for those affected by the I-565 school bus tragedy.

Some are still hurt, most are suffering through the loss of friends.

Lawanda Jefferson is one of those still hurt.

The 16-year-old was on board bus 5037.

"They said we was sitting on the bridge going back and forth, but I didn't feel none of that, all I felt we was just going down," Lawanda remembers.

With a fractured, immobile arm, Lawanda crawled off the bus.

After an ambulance ride and a two day hospital stay, Lawanda's home; arm in a sling face scarred.

Thanksgiving's on; Grandma's spread same as always: turkey, pie, turnip greens, dressing.

This year, it'll all taste a little sweeter.

"I feel blessed that I'm here," Lawanda says.

Blessed, but grief stricken; saddened by the death of four classmates, friends, fellow riders.

"Yeah, I miss them because it's like we just seen each other like five minutes go and now they just gone," Lawanda says.

A memory she'll never shake.

"I'm trying to, but I can't. I just can't get it off my mind," she says.

Lawanda will visit the doctor again on Tuesday.

She says she's not sure when she'll get to go back to school.

She might even face six weeks worth of home school.

Another Lee High student was able to leave Huntsville Hospital on Thursday.

Six students and the bus driver remain there.