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Mom allegedly raped by son says she forgives him

A Valley mom is trying to get her life back together after she says her son raped her.

19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr. was arrested in Albertville on October 21st for the alleged rape of his mother.

The mother says her son never would have done it had it not been for drugs.

She says Helms was high on ice, crystal meth, pain pills, ecstasy and alcohol when it happened.

"Our family is really messed up right now," said the mother.

The mother says it was a very traumatic experience.

"Emotionally, it's driving me crazy half the time. I get to crying and then I'll stop and I get angry and then I'll get mad. I keep going that way," said the mother.  

The mother says she doesn't fault her son for the rape, she forgives him.

"I don't blame Gary for what he done, I wish he wouldn't of, but I'll deal with that on another level. (Reporter: You blame the drugs?) I blame the drugs, the alcohol. I blame that. I don't blame my son for this because I don't, he wasn't in his right mind when he done it," said the mother.

Helms is still being held in the Marshall County Jail, but it's a place his mother says he doesn't belong.

"He don't need to be in prison for the rest of his life, he needs help. He needs to be in counseling for drugs," said the mother.

The mother hopes if she can forgive Helms, others will too.

"As far as me and Gary, we'll have to talk and probably have counseling, both of us. And that's what I want because I want my family back. He will always be my son no matter what in this world that he does. He will always be my baby," said the mother.

Helms has also been charged with the rape of a 16-year-old in Lauderdale County.

He's also suspected of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old in Marshall County.

His mother says he didn't commit either crime.


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