Still no decision on the future of a Valley teacher facing allegations

Still no decision on the future of a Valley teacher facing allegations

There's still no decision on whether a Valley high school teacher can keep his job.

The Morgan County Board of Education wrapped up its hearing on the allegations against Richard Verchot Tuesday night with no resolution.  A middle school student and her mother say he made inappropriate remarks toward two sixth grade girls.

Board members say Tuesday's called meeting, which was mostly behind closed doors, was basically a fact-finding session for them to get all sides of the story.  It lasted about two and half hours.

Members of the Priceville Computer Club held signs that read "we need Mr. V" in support of their sponsor as they walked into the Board of Education building.

Mr. V is Richard Verchot, a sixth and seventh grade history teacher, had allegations brought up against him that he made inappropriate remarks to some female students.

Supporters say he's innocent.

"This is from like all the students in his middle school class like that's every single person signing besides the few that's like everyone he teaches and this is from the computer club," said Matt Hammonds, a supporter.

"I got to talk with him and meet him and we became really good friends we're really close," said Joshua Mays, another Verchot supporter.

Reporter asked, "And you've never seen him act this way to anyone?"  "No ma'am," said Mays.

BOE members went into executive session shortly after four Tuesday. It's the first time they've heard everything in detail from principals, teachers, a three-person central office team who investigated,  a set of parents and the accuser and Verchot.

His supporters filled the left side of the board room outside.

"We're just going to try and do the best, what's best for the people involved," said Tom Earwood, school board president.

"It's our job to look into it, it's our job to investigate it, but we also need to be fair to our employees to makes sure they're doing the right thing," said Don Murphy, Morgan County Superintendent.

The superintendent and board members would not elaborate on what exactly the accusations consisted of and did not go into detail on what happened behind the closed door meeting.

Murphy will recommend at the next meeting whether Verchot will be terminated or keep his job. The board can then vote it up or down.