Man follows the long road home in search for family

Man follows the long road home in search for family

Bob Pickard, formerly known as Bob Crouse, was given up for adoption during the Great Depression.

Pickard still had contact with family members into his early teens.

Not happy with the people who raised him, Bob began a life-long search for the life he missed.

"(It's been) 63 years. The last time I saw my mother and any of my siblings was 1943,"says Pickard.

That would be the last time, until now.

At an age when most folks are winding down, 76-year-old Bob Pickard was still asking questions.

"Am I ever going to be able to locate my family, where in the world would they be, and are they still alive?"

Bob had gotten to a point where he had tried everything, well almost everything.

Then Bob logged on-line, searching for his brothers names.

"I had a brother, Richard, Leo, and Lester so I kept looking for those names that would have fit the age."

"Low and behold a Leo Crouse came up on the screen age 83, and he fit it."

So did a phone number.

Bob called not knowing who would pick up on the other line, but someone did.

"I'm wondering because of the name Leo, and the age, you could be my brother,"Bob said over the phone.

"Several seconds went by, it seemed like an eternity before he answered, and he said yep, I'm your brother."

Bob first made contact on September 28th, since he's received pictures and letters from his remaining brother and sisters.

Leo, Irene, Joanne.

Bobs parents, and several other siblings have passed away, but Bob Pickard has new life.

"I've found my family, long lost family,"Pickard says.