Monitoring software can prevent on-line danger

Monitoring software can prevent on-line danger

Today's generation of children spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Parents are searching for ways to keep their children safe from Internet predators.

A Shoals computer expert who has some tips for parents.

He says what children are exposed to on-line is alarming.

He believes computer monitoring shouldn't be a suggestion but regular standard.

"The Internet is wonderful but it is a dangerous playground," says Jim Fisher.

And for today's generation of children, known as the millennial, the Internet is a large part of social life. That life opens up a new tool for predators.

"It's quite different from the way it was when we were kids and it scares me what children can see or do," says Fisher.

Owner of Excel Computer Systems, Fisher says with so many harmful options online, parental guidance is suggested.

"Parents don't have to be computer geeks to protect their children. They just need to know that they need some content filtering software and if they don't know what to do ask someone who does." says Fisher.

Some of the most popular programs being Content Watch, Net Nanny, and Cyber Patrol.

And most aren't pricey.

Fisher says, "Each of these programs have free downloads where you can try them out for thirty days."

Fisher says it's well worth the investment

"They block in appropriate web-sites, monitor and record conversations, chat conversations with friends and people we don't want them to be chatting with," adds Fisher.

It's also able to block site associated with drugs, violence and gambling.

And, you don't have to be at home to monitor.

Fisher says, "You can log into your account from work to see what's going on what web sites have been visited and chat room conversations."

Software is available at retails stores most monitoring software costs around $40.

Fisher recommends that you let your child know the software has been added.

He says children are less likely to practice risky Internet behavior if they know your watching.