College students raise money: roll-up their sleeves

College students raise money: roll-up their sleeves

Stefanie Haeffele is starting to see exactly what $40,000 will do.

"We've worked hard to raise this money. We asked businesses and even stood in front of Wal-Mart", says Haeffele as she stands in front of the Habitat for Humanity home under construction on Howell Street in Florence.

The 1,200 square foot home should be completed in a manner of weeks, but it took students more than twp years to raise the money.

Haeffele is the president of the the Habitat for Humanity Club at the University of North Alabama.

On weekends, she and dozens of other co-eds join veteran homebuilders at the work-site pounding nails and stacking lumber.

The sign out front says that U.N.A. is showing it's school spirit by helping others.

Haeffele says the project is helping to bring the campus closer to the community while teaching young people valuable lessons.