School threat scares parents

School threat scares parents

A school threat uncovered early this morning at Lacey's Spring School -- a K-8 school in Morgan County led to an investigation.

Some parents heard a hit list was made, and that he was bringing a nine-millimeter to school Monday morning.

According to other parents this all started on Friday afternoon on a school bus on the way home.

Stories circulated in and around Lacey's Spring School early Monday morning.

A young boy detained in the principal's office after threats were made against fellow classmates.

"This child threatened he was going to come and do bodily harm to these other children that he had a list of," says grandparent Karen Needham.

Needham has two grandkids that go to Lacey's Spring School.

She says in light of the recent school shooting in Colorado these threats need to be taken seriously by both school officials and the parents.

"I did not know if he had a gun or not, I don't know, but to me these parents need to wake up and take notice to all of this, because no matter how small or how large a threat may be it's still a threat," says Needham.

And Principal Paul Rogers agrees.

He says he didn't know about the supposed "hit" list, but says the junior high age boy was immediately confronted when he got to school and the Morgan County Sheriff's Office was notified.

"We talked about things, we checked and made sure we didn't have any weapons on campus and so we did not, and that was a rumor. There's was some threatening going on and because of that threatening there was appropriate disciplinary action taken," says Rogers.

Action that he won't elaborate on, but say range from suspension to expulsion.

The boy's name isn't being released because he is a juvenile, but Principal Rogers assures everyone it was an isolated event, and that has been taken care of.