Shoals man facing death makes insanity plea

A Shoals man facing the death penalty had his arraignment trial Tuesday.

Anthony Lee Stanley and his wife Shelly are accused of murdering a Tuscumbia man last year.

Stanley's wife pled guilty to the crime, but he has a different story.

Anthony Lee Stanley is accused of the brutal stabbing death of Henry Smith.

The murder occurred in June of 2005.

Tuesday, Stanley pled not guilty by reason of insanity or mental defect.

"He will have to be examined and sent to Taylor Hardin at some time to be examined by medical examiners to determine if he is capable of standing trial," said Bryce Graham, Colbert County District Attorney.

Graham says the results of the medical examination will also determine what Stanley's mental state was at the time of the offense.

At this time no trial date has been set.

"We're probably looking at some time early spring of next year," said Graham.

Stanley's wife Shelly was also charged in the murder, she pled guilty and is facing life in prison.

If Stanley is convicted of capitol murder, the only other option other than the death penalty will be life in prison without the possibility of parole.