Is recent controversy overshadowing Trail of Tears?

Is recent controversy overshadowing Trail of Tears?

Is recent controversy overshadowing the purpose behind the Trail of Tears ride?

This event has raised over 200,000 dollars in scholarship money for students of Native American heritage.

And many feel it's important to remember why the event is held and the good brings to others.

Beth Greenwood attends UNA and is one of the recipients of the Trail of Tears scholarship.

Greenwood says, "Through Trail of Tears, 15,000 dollars. 5,000 a year."

Awarded to her for academic excellence, financial need, and her heart to give back back to the Native American community.

A hefty amount of money helping towards books and tuition.

Money Greenwood says prevents her from having to take out loans.

"It helps me to not be in debt it also helps my family so they don't have to give me so much money," says Greenwood.

Greenwood is of Chickasaw decent.

Along with the other winners, she volunteers her time.

She'll help with the Trail of Tears this weekend, an event she says changes the lives of others.

Greenwood adds, "It really helps out a whole lot."

Alison Stanfield is on the board of Trail of Tears and says the priority of the event is helping the students.

Stanfield says, "I think probably the thing that's most important for people to remember whether their stuck in traffic or whatever negative side of this event."

"We'll still be able to do the scholarship and education will continue." adds Standfield.

Most scholarship winners are from Tennessee and Alabama.

Each year Trail of Tears selects six students out of about 80 applicants.