Jury recommends death penalty for Jason Sharp

Jury recommends death penalty for Jason Sharp

The jury's recommendation is in: 11 out of 12 jurors in the Jason Sharp trial voted for Jason Sharp to receive the death penalty.

To come to this decision, 10 out of 12 had to agree on two things, one being that the rape and killing was intentional.

Two, that the crime was heinous, cruel and atrocious.

The past two days have been one of relief and elation for the prosecution and especially for Tracy Morris' family.

They have been waiting for Sharp's conviction for the past seven and a half years.

It took jurors around four hours to reach their decision.

A shriek from the Morris side of the courtroom from family friends came following the announcement, many of them very emotional.

Sharp was hard to read when he left the courtroom, but did look like he had tears in his eyes.

His family left shortly after the announcement.

Morris' family said their biggest victory was Monday's verdict that Sharp was found guilty of capital murder during first degree rape.

Prosecutor Rob Broussard says the key element in this case, DNA evidence.

Defense attorneys say they will try to appeal.

Meanwhile, Ralph Morris, the victim's father, tells us the family's next step to try and go on with their lives.