Introduction to Aesthetic Dentistry

Digital Imagine / Getting A Preview Of Your New Smile

You wouldn't buy a suit without trying it on-now try on your new smite Before we make a single change.

We use advanced camera technology and computer simulation to show you the many ways aesthetic dentistry will revive your smile.

We can simulate a complete range of procedures, from whitening to porcelain veneers, so you can see exactly how excellent your smile can be.

Smile Design Principles / How To Create A Natural Looking Smile

A white smile radiates health and confidence. When you smile a bold, undaunted smile, it makes those around you feel happier and more confident too. Stop hiding your light behind dull, crooked, or stained teeth.

With our advanced cosmetic procedures, you can smile your true smile-the bright, exuberant smile you were meant to have.

Smile Whitening

Zoom! whitening can whiten your teeth an average of eight shades in less than an hour. The procedure is simple: Your lips and gums are protected before the Zoom! whitening gel is applied. This gel is designed to work with the special Zoom! light. They perform together to penetrate your teeth and break up discoloration and stains. Applications are broken into three fifteen-minute sessions for a total of a 45-minute visit. Or if you prefer, you can whiten at home with our special take home trays, fitted to your mouth.

Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal in your mouth is bad for your health and the health of your teeth. Not only can some amalgams cause physical problems, metal fillings don't "move" with your teeth. Metal can expand and contract compromising your teeth and allowing bacteria to enter through the cracks and crevices this leaves. Pure porcelain and ceramic veneers, overlays and fillings mean stronger, healthier, better-looking teeth-and a healthier you.