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Family, friends and fellow fire fighters pay respects to Alethea Nixon

Visitation for Alethea Nixon was held Saturday afternoon in Albertville.

Nixon died Wednesday night while responding to a call with the Asbury Volunteer Fire Department.

The tanker truck she was riding in went off a bridge.

The three other firefighters in the truck were hurt.

A steady stream of family, friends and fellow firefighters made there way to the Albertville Funeral Home to pay their final respects.

"All the little kids in the church, they loved her and she's really gonna be missed, really no words you can say about this," says Richard Ogle.

On the day of visitation, flags fly against a solumn sky.

Fire trucks park across the street.

Dozens filed in to Albertville Funeral Home Saturday, to remember a 17-year-old girl who's life was taken moments too soon.

A young woman way above her years with a passion for life and a passion for helping others.

"She was with her brother. Her father was in it for a long time," says Ogle.

Alethea Nixon grew up around firefighters.

As a little girl, she followed her father around the fire station.

In the past few years, she'd carry a hose to help out a fellow firefighter or bring them coffee when it was cold.

But young Alethea Nixon never really got the chance to fulfill her dream as an active member of the asbury volunteer fire department.

On Wednesday, july 26th, her life ended in tragedy.

"She's just such a fine young girl. I mean 17-years-old. It just don't happen to em," says Asbury Fire Chief Albert Childers.

And although Nixon is now in a better place, the smiling couragous young lady will never be forgotten.

"She was a real friend to me, she stood by me," says Ogle.

"She was always just a big smile and she was just a fine kid. Well, i did help raise her," says Chief Childers.

Melinda Holcomb wrote a poem about Alethea Nixon.

It was read at her visitation.

Here is a portion of it: "My little friend my little girl, your life cut short in this big old wolrd, my little lady young woman with heart you gave us your life but we're all torn apart. My dear little friend my dear little one, god bless you forever, you're my ray of sun."

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