A 'Sick Animal'

What in the world was someone like Jerry Buck Inman doing out of prison? Inman is the accused killer of Clemson University student and, but for the grace of God, could have taken another woman's life in Rainsville.

The father of the young woman who was killed asks the question which can't be answered, "How can they let a sex offender, especially one like this back out in society?"

When police arrested Inman this week, he didn't mince words. He told them that he's "a sick animal." Inman faced possible sentences of 150 years in prison for raping men and women in different crimes in North Carolina and Florida. He served only 16 years. And he was out of prison less than nine months before he embarked on the three-state crime spree which ended in the tragic death of a young woman.

Many states across the nation are now working with satellite technology and requiring sex offenders to wear gps monitoring devices. Not a bad idea, but an even better idea is when we catch somebody as bad as Jerry Buck Inman, keep him behind bars.