James Potts

James Potts is a Birmingham native.

He joined the US Air Force after graduating from high school.

While in the service he attended classes at East Carolina College and the University of Hawaii.

After an honorable discharge, he attended San Jose State College, West Valley College, and Redwoods College.

Potts has worked in finance for 25 years. His jobs include Assistant Treasurer and Tax Collector, controller of a Savings and Loan, partner in a mortgage company and financial advisor.

Potts is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

He's married to Tommie Lou White. Potts has two children from a previous marriage. Tommie Lou was widowed, with two children, when the couple married.

Potts is running on the Democratic ticket. For more information on his platform and how to reach Potts, log on to his website at www.pottsforgovernor.com.