Lucy Baxley

Lucy Baxley

Lucy Baxley grew up on a farm in Houston County, Alabama .

She started her career working as a city government employee before moving on to jobs with Probate Judge and District Attorney's office.

Her first job in the public service field was the Executive Assistant to the State's Attorney General. From there, she went to an administrative position with the Transportation Department.

In 1998 Baxley was elected to serve as Treasurer of the State of Alabama.

Four years later she became the first woman elected to the office of Lieutenant Governor.

Baxley has also worked in real estate.

She is married to Jim Smith. The couple lives in Montgomery and attends Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Baxley is running on the Democratic ticket. For more information on Baxley's platform and contact information, log onto her website at