Meet Our Staff

The professionals at Alabama Orthotics & Prosthetics are dedicated to upholding a strong and dependable professional association with those who choose us as their health care partners. We believe that the relationships we develop will demonstrate that Alabama Orthotics & Prosthetics offers the highest quality of patient care with the most experience practitioners and staff.



Jerry O. Swanson Founder, CP, LP, Above Knee Amputee
Bernice Swanson Facility Administrator
Mike Harris CP, LPO
Eric Andrews CP, Bilateral Below Knee Amputee
Dane Swanson CP, LP
Kenneth Stone BOCPO, LPO
J. Shane Swanson CPO, LPO
Jeff Sigmon CO, LO, FAAOP
Brenda H. Tyler CHF, RFM, RDF
Chandra Elkins CHF, RFM
Jonathan Berryhill Healthcare Director
Kevin Elkins LPA
Vanessa McLendon LOA