One-day Conference for Women

Friendship Church is hosting a one-day conference for Women called "Crossing Over Jordan". The conference will be April 22nd, from 9:00 to 3:30 p.m. Cost of the conference is $20.00 and includes a box lunch.

Friendship is the "host" church for the Crossing Over Jordan conference but we want to include all women and all churches in our community. This is not a "Methodist" conference! It's a conference for women of any denomination regardless of where they are in their faith journey!!

The speakers for this conference include Brenda Gray, wife of Clearbranch Methodist's (Birmingham, AL) pastor. She will be speaking about a devastating event in her past that held her in bondage. She carried this deep, dark secret with her for over twenty years. Through obedience to God, she realized her guilt and shame had been a foothold for Satan in her life and she was not alone.

Brenda's daughter, Breanne, will also be speaking about forgiving her parents. She realized her Heavenly Father was compassionate, loving and forgiving so she had to be also.

Other women will also share how they have triumphed over their deepest, darkest secrets. Through talks, human videos, and praise and worship, the message of Crossing Over Jordan will transform you into the free person God intended you to be.

Please be in prayer for this conference. So many women are hurting in our community and need an event just like this one to help them break free!

For more information, call 233-6419 or email