A Simple Thank You

I was watching our news last night and I was really stuck by something said by Pastor Jimmy Meek of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Moulton. Pastor Meek was commenting on the feelings that everyone has for the two firefighters who died this week.

He made the point that we ought to say thank you more often to firefighters and other public servants who put their lives on the lines every single day. Of course, he's right.

Now, we can still thank the family members of fallen firefighters Lloyd McCulloch and Dustin Jones and we can still thank their coworkers who remain on the job at the Moulton fire department.

Also, we can also still thank the family of Matthew Conley. Conley was the Marine from Northwest Alabama who was killed last week in Iraq.

And we can still say thank you to all the other military personnel who are still in harm's way or prepared to go there on a moment's notice. Pastor Meek was right. We ought to say thank you to many more people much more often that than we do.