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Community still simmering over principal's confession

The town of Fayetteville, Tennessee is still simmering over the confession of a school principal.

Steve Steelman admitted he lied to police about an attack that sent him to the hospital.

 He told investigators that he beat himself up but some people say they're a bit skeptical about steelman's confession.

"It's shocking. You never know what's in a man or someone's mind like that," says Harold Armstrong.

Just one day after Steve Steelman's confession to police, reaction is swirling in Fayetteville.

"I couldn't believe that anybody could cut their tongue that bad without being doped up or numb or terribly sick," said Kay Ewing.

These are the questions the town is asking:

Why did Steelman hurt himself? How did he do it? And could this have been a coverup?

Fayetteville police aren't releasing any new details.

Wednesday afternoon, WAFF dropped by Steve Steelman's home. We knocked on his door several times and waited but we got no answer.

People in Fayetteville say they'll wait for answers that they hope come soon.

"I don't think the truth has come out. I think someday we'll know what really happened," says Armstrong. 

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