Turkey Talk

True to tradition, most of us will eat nearly 500 million pounds of turkey this Thanksgiving.

Food poisoning can cut the feast short. Large gatherings and food laid out all day can make you more vulnerable.

What can you do? First wash your hands often.

Before it becomes the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table, the turkey should be the center of attention in the kitchen.

Food experts tell us to keep your bird separate from your other foods.

"We actually recommend you use two cutting boards, one for the vegetables and other items for the proteins to make certain to keep everything sanitary and simple," said Chef Terrell Danley.

Turn up the heat, it's the only way to zap any potentially harmful bacteria. When you're done for the day, store the left-overs in small portions in the fridge.

One final reminder, the USDA says we don't need to worry about the bird flu this season because so far the virus has not been detected in this country.

News that should make that late afternoon post-turkey nap that much better.