Meth tip line reaches 14 states; exceeds 1200 tips

Meth tip line reaches 14 states; exceeds 1200 tips

Methamphetamine is a drug that's paralyzing our community and your knowledge is needed in the war on meth for the children's sake.

In an effort to respond to the meth crisis and also rescue innocent children from meth homes, the Kids to Love Foundation has started a statewide toll-free anonymous tip line to let everyone know if you see meth, you can stop meth.

The tip line, sponsored by the Kids to Love Foundation and Woody Anderson Ford, is committed to fighting meth on behalf of the children.

"The children in our community are our responsibility, and if a parent is not taking that responsibility, that does not make our efforts any less. We must feel a responsibility to take care of the kids," said Cathy Anderson, with Woody Anderson Ford.

"A little bit of knowledge and a little bit of effort, it doesn't take much to pick up a phone, to do it anonymously," said Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall.

As of October 2009, 1229 tips have come in to the meth tip line.  More than 800 of those tips report children living in homes with meth labs.

The meth tip line can now accommodate the Hispanic-speaking public.

The meth tip line has now reached into 14 states.

If you see meth, you can stop meth. Just call 1-866-303-METH.