About Our Practice

It has often been said that your eyesight is the most precious of all the human senses. Selecting the right surgeon for your Laser Vision Correction procedure is an extremely important decision, one that should be reached only after careful research and consideration. 

At the Huntsville Laser Center our goal is to provide the best quality patient care available. Our staff is experienced, professional and courteous. Dr. William Mitchell opened the Huntsville Laser Center in September, 1999 and made the commitment to Laser Vision Correction by establishing the first facility in North Alabama to have a fixed-site VISX excimer laser system. By having the laser in our office at all times, we offer you, the patient, more convenience and flexibility when you are ready to schedule your procedure. There is no "once-a-month" window to schedule your surgery.


Dr. Mitchell treats patients at the Huntsville Laser Center using the VISX Star S4 excimer laser, offering the most up-to-date technology available in Laser Vision Correction. At the Huntsville Laser Center, we are committed to provide our patients with the newest technology, and each time a new technological advancement becomes available, we continue that commitment by upgrading our excimer laser. VISX invented the technology for Laser Vision Correction almost 20 years ago, and is still considered the leader in the industry. Two relatively new advancements exclusive to the VISX Star S4 laser are the ActiveTrak 3-D Tracker and Variable Spot Scanning. The Star S4 ActiveTrak 3-D Eye Tracker is a laser-positioning device that uses infrared cameras to actively follow the tiniest motions of the eye in all three dimensions. A patient can relax, knowing the laser system is actively following even the tiniest of eye movements, ensuring greater precision and accuracy during treatment. Variable Spot Scanning is an exclusive VISX laser technology that allows for a larger treatment area. VSS offers the doctor greater flexibility in developing a more individualized laser vision procedure.

In 2001, the Huntsville Laser Center added the new VISX Wavescan Wavefront System, providing Dr. Mitchell a WavePrint Map, much like a fingerprint of your vision. Prior to May 2003, the WaveScan System was beneficial only as a diagnostic device. In May 2003 the FDA approved the CustomVue LASIK procedure as a safe and effective method for correction nearsightedness and astigmatism. Your vision is unique to you, much like a fingerprint. Until now, doctors were forced to practice a "one-size-fits-all" correction method. With CustomVue, Dr. Mitchell can custom-tailor a correction for the unique "fingerprint" of your vision. Once the eyes are measured and mapped on the WaveScan, the treatment is calculated and this information is transferred to the laser. Clinical studies have demonstrated that with the new CustomVue procedure, there is potential to have better vision than is possible with glasses or contacts. Other benefits may include better night vision and improved contrast sensitivity. However, not everyone who is a good LASIK candidate is a candidate for CustomVue LASIK. Dr. Mitchell will advise you of your best treatment option at your consultation.