Welcome to the new WAFF.com. We're still working to perfect every page, so some things might seem out of place for a short time, but we think that we've made it much easier for you to get to all of the great things WAFF.com offers.

Our goal ...
Our goal in redesigning WAFF.com was to create an eye-pleasing site with dramatically improved navigation and increase the amount of information we bring you from across the Heart of the Valley. An important note: Our staff updates WAFF.com multiple times each day. We don't want you to see the same top stories on our site at 2:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. that you read at 9:00 a.m. Most web users want the latest information in an easy-to-find presentation. By offering this redesign and providing multiple site updates each day, we believe WAFF.com is in a unique position to provide those things.

What's new with the navigation?
We've chosen to place our main navigation items horizontally across the top of the page. And when you move your mouse over one of those items, a menu will drop down to give you quick, one-click access to the pages in that section.

Easier to read ...
One of the best features of the new WAFF.com is that you'll see more news, weather and video "above the fold." You'll not only see a Top Story, updated several times each day, but you'll also see several other top headlines, video clips and weather information at the top of the page (By the way, the site is best viewed on a monitor set to 1024x768 resolution.)

New sections ...
We've added a number of new content sections to WAFF.com in response to user requests. We've broken our news into geographical regions, The Metro, The Mountains and The Shoals, making our stories easier to find. We're also excited to announce the expansion of our Sports content. We have information from just about every sport you can imagine, all at the click of your mouse. In addition, we offer lots of information on topics from money management to your health under our Lifestyle section. You can find a job, car or your long-lost friend by using our Classifieds section.

Why make the changes?
Mainly, it's better for you, the user, to have an easier-to-navigate site. You'll get all your news, weather, sports and other information in one click. There are many more reasons. Just browse through each section on the site and discover for yourself the benefits of WAFF.com.

Let us know what you think ...
We welcome your feedback about the changes we've made. If you'd like to tell us what you think or make suggestions on how we can make WAFF.com better, please email our webmaster.