WAFF 48 News RSS/XML Feed

WAFF 48 News RSS/XML Feed

WAFF.com is pleased to make a RSS feed of our headlines available to users.

What is an RSS feed? A RSS feed is, simply speaking, a list of headlines surrounded by computer code written so that the headlines can be easily used by another program or website.

You can access RSS feeds in a variety of ways.

You can download and install a news reader program, called a news aggregator, that lets you scan headlines from hundreds of news sources. You sign up to receive headlines from the web sites you are interested in by clicking on the Subscribe, XML or RSS button (seen above). To find a news reader, do an Internet search for "News aggregators."

As an alternative to downloadable readers, web-based news readers, such as the one My Yahoo! provides, allows users to add RSS feeds directly to their personal page.

  • Copy this url into your RSS Reader or web-based reader to download headlines from WAFF.com.
  • To download video clips from WAFF.com, use this url

We encourage you to use WAFF.com RSS feeds for personal use.

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