A piranha in Lake Guntersville?

A piranha in Lake Guntersville?


A fish caught in Lake Guntersville has some afraid to go in the water.

The fish has teeth and some say it looks just like a piranha.

What has many alarmed is the fact this is the second one caught in Lake Guntersville in ten days.

"I was fishing for catfish there with a dead minnow and I got that, it gave me a fight when it got on the hook," says Everett Kelly.

Kelly was fishing at Lake Guntersville in Scottsboro on Wednesday when he got the shock of his life. He caught what could be a piranha.

"It had all kinds of teeth," says Kelly.

If it is a piranha, Kelly says he won't be swimming anytime soon.

"I'd be afraid of getting bit," says Kelly.

Piranha's travel in schools. Meaning, if there's one there's bound to be several more.

It's when they're all together they can be extremely deadly.

They've been known to devour animals down to their skeletons within minutes.

The fish in question was offered a chicken leg, but didn't take the bait.

Either it wasn't hungry, or it's not a piranha.

"Stranger things have happened. Alligators weren't supposed to live here either, but they do," says Brad Yates.

Some say the fish could be a pacu. Piranha's and pacu's look similar. But, pacu's aren't deadly.

Either way, Everette Kelly, the man who caught the fish, plans to have it mounted.