Help from the Heart

Many people have questions about how well the government has responded to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, but no one questions how well the general public has responded.

We've come forward with a national outpouring of support for the people who were hurt by this storm, and there's a lot of evidence showing that the folks here in the Heart of the Valley are leading the way.

WAFF 48 has sponsored several fundraising efforts, and I want to thank each and every one of you who reached in to your wallet to help out. Many of our neighbors here have given in other ways. Dozens of families have opened their homes to take in friends, family members or even total strangers. Some local people drove to New Orleans to rescue some of the pets that had been left behind. Many businesses have figured out how to use their assets in ways that could make a difference.

This is not the time to let up, but it is a fitting time to celebrate the American spirit – the can-do attitude that we have when the going gets tough.