James Clemens High School graduate revamps MCS Go app

James Clemens High School graduate revamps MCS Go app

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Parents always want to stay up-to-date with what is going on in their child's school.

Madison City Schools has an app called MCS Go that parents can use to keep up with the school systems social media pages and even track their kid's grades.

From the very beginning, the app was designed and created by students within the Madison City School system who intern at the school systems central office. Chad Beibide recently graduated from James Clemens High School. He also interned at the central office during his senior year. In that time, Beibide's sole focus was to revamp the MCS Go app to initiate push alert notifications.

"Every school in the system has an assigned topic, and then every person in the system can download the app, subscribe to the topic, and then administration can send messages to that topic and then users can receive those messages," Beibide explains.

You have the option to select whatever school within the Madison City School system you want to receive notifications from. Those notifications can range from early school dismissal, to any emergency situation.

Daniel Whitt with Madison City Schools says this feature is one that the system has been working to implement for three years.

It has a something for everyone. Parents can check their students' grade, and students have an easier way to look through a curriculum catalog to learn about what classes they may want to take in the next school year.

The app also features an "idea" tab where parents and students can watch inspirational and informative videos and blog post. Building this app gave Beibide hands-on experience that you can't get in a classroom. .

The Madison City School system selects interns in the school system every year. Beibide took several programming classes while at James Clemens, he was able to apply those classes to rebuilding the app. They are always looking for different types of interns from computer science interns, to video production interns, and even graphic design interns.

As for the app, the next step is to make it student centered with a student section that will benefit students in Pre-K all the way to high school students.

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