Customer warns of DirecTV scam

Customer warns of DirecTV scam

In a new scam, crooks are taking a multistep approach that at first seems like a normal call from a cable provider.

Bryan Mason, a 14-year DirecTV customer, got a call from what appeared to be his provider. But he soon figured out it was a scam because even though it seemed normal at first, the crooks wouldn't let up when he questioned them.

"'You're scamming people,' I said. 'This is classic scam,' said Mason.

The person on the other end of the call told Mason that he could get a two-year discount on his bill by simply paying up to three months in advance. The catch was he needed to pay with a credit card and do it over the phone at that time.

"This guy was offering me a deal. Said it was a promotion with DirecTV, that they were going to lower the bill for long time customers like me," he said.

At this point, Mason knew it was a scam and called them out on it. He asked to speak to a manager and was given a phone number similar to the numbers he's seen on his bills.

He said when he questioned them, they said his other option was to buy an Amazon gift card and give them the number to get the discount.

Mason called foul and immediately contacted DirecTV to alert them of the scam. They advise to always be wary at first until you verify certain information with them over the phone. You can also set up a password with them that you'll have to verify before any coorrespondance with the company.

Mason said he is pleased with the way DirecTV handled the situation. They were quick to ensure no fraudulent activity appeared on his account, and sent an email verification of it.

For his troubles, he was even given a real promotion.

Mason said he hopes his story serves as a warning.

"I just wanted to warn people that this is a scam. Any company that calls and says you've got to use your credit card for so many months or you've got to get a gift card to do something, it is a scam. It's a classic scam," Mason said.

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