Albertville moves closer to landing 10 screen movie theater

Albertville moves closer to landing 10 screen movie theater

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The city of Albertville is looking to bring a movie theater to town. The city is even willing to throw some money into the deal.

City officials say the new theater will be state-of-the-art and will make Albertville a destination for moviegoers.

The location for the proposed new theater is near the Boaz city limits on Highway 431 just across from what will be the new Hospice Thrift Shop.

The theater is expected to have 10 screens and be state-of-the-art.

On Monday night, the Council is expected to approve a new ordinance to include the developer in which $3.5 million will go toward building the facility.

City Council president Nathan Broadhurst said there will be a use fee on every ticket, which will go toward getting the bond paid off.

The city considered such a plan back in 2011, but that failed because the proposal was primarily the city's financial and operational responsibility.

"The big difference is the city is not the number one person on the hook. The developer has the most skin in the game and this is just filling the gap to ensure that the project can happen and be profitable for the developer and the city and the operator," said Broadhurst.

Broadhurst said the developer would like to have the new theater constructed sometime in 2019.

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