South Huntsville pool members, board split on chlorine levels

South Huntsville pool members, board split on chlorine levels
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A fiery meeting at Camelot community pool in south Huntsville Thursday resulted in no action from its board. They're split on how to resolve issues with chlorine levels.

"If you've got these numbers on your log sheet, your pool is in a danger zone that you don't want to be in and it's not necessary," Mick Roney said.

Roney is a retired Huntsville city aquatic specialist. As a third party guest, he was invited to the meeting to provide an unbiased, professional take on their issues of chlorine levels at times being too low and high.

In a report sheet Roney showed to WAFF 48 News, the chlorine levels one day at the end of June were already low at the beginning of the day. By the end, it d ropped drastically.

"It appears that by 8 p.m. another pool test was taken and you got a zero chlorine. It was never checked or tabs were never added. Nothing was ever done," Roney explained.

Some blame the board for not sounding the alarm on the issue sooner. In the recent past, some board members have resigned among looming issues at the pool.

At times, the pool has closed to address issues with chlorine levels.

"I think they should've had this meeting earlier to address the safety concerns because putting your kids in this water when it's unsafe is not something the pool should allow. It's a giant problem," Ashlyn Putman, a former Camelot employee, said.

Putman's sister was at the pool the day the chlorine supply d ropped to dangerously low levels.

"It's unsafe. Things can happen and people can get sick from it...they can get rashes, they can get ear infections, they can get bacterial infections...things like that," Putman added.

Other people don't see an issue. They told WAFF 48 News they trust the staff always has their best interest at heart and blame infighting for the hourslong contested meeting Thursday.

WAFF 48 News reached out to the board president after the meeting but was told she wasn't available for comment. Leaders say they do plan to implement more training to avoid events like this in the future, but that the board had not come to an agreement on exactly how that will be done Thursday night.

As we learn more, we'll give you a First Alert follow-up.

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