Lauderdale County residents want answers on $45M agricultural center

Lauderdale County residents want answers on $45M agricultural center
The Lauderdale County Commission held a public meeting to discus a proposed agricultural center on July 5, 2018. (Source: WAFF)

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In Lauderdale County, a public meeting was held Thursday to talk about the proposed agricultural center that could cost the county $45 million. The Commission held an open forum to answer questions from residents.

The Commission states the proposal could bring economic gains to the Shoals. The Commission is working to bring a new state-of-the-art agricultural center, but people in the county say don't have enough information about the project.

County residents believe the money can be used to fund other projects such as schools, city maintenance and other projects that could help the county directly.

"This is a project that is $45 million of taxpayers' money. We want to know where that money is coming from and how it's being spent," said county resident, Caleb Lane.

County residents hope that these questions get answered before they break ground.

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